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Welcome to Optimum SelectSM!
Optimum Select is a fun and convenient way to get more from
your iO TV® and online experiences.
Through your iO TV digital cable service, you can request information, save videos and, soon, even make purchases, all with a simple press of the "SEL" button on your remote.
Receive free samples, coupons or more information about products and services that interest you, mailed directly to your home.
Save movie trailers, program highlights, game previews and more to your Optimum Select folder. Simply press the iO button on your remote or log on to to locate your folder and to view your saved content at your leisure.
Enjoy the convenience of making purchases from your computer and, soon, directly from your television! The items you buy will be shipped right to your home. Take advantage of special offers, products and services for you and your family.

    Optimum Select is a fun and convenient way to get more from your iO TV® and online experiences.

    Now, you can:

    1. 1. Interact with advertisements on your iO TV digital cable service to request free samples, coupons, and more being offered by the advertisers. Simply press the "SEL" button on your remote when you see the blue bar appear on Optimum Select commercials, and the item advertised will be shipped directly to your service address within 3 weeks. (One per household. While supplies last.)
    2. 2. Online, you can store your credit card, billing and shipping information securely in an Optimum Select profile. Use this profile when making purchases on

    Soon, you will be able to:

    1. 1. Save video content to your TV and view it at your leisure on both TV and on the Web. To view this saved content:
      1. a. On TV, press the iO button on your remote, and choose "Optimum Select" from the menu on the left.
      2. b. On the Web, sign in to, and choose "Optimum Select" from the options on the right.
    2. 2. Make purchases of various products and services on TV through interactive advertisements, and on the Web through your saved content or through

plus S&H and applicable taxes
Getting Started with Optimum Select

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